William Gray

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Wildlife TraveL guides you on the ultimate global safari, providing all the information and inspiration you need to plan your own dream wildlife trip.


• Responsible travel How to support projects that have minimal environmental impact and benefit wildlife and local communities

• Tales from the wild Articles let you feel what it’s like to be there

• Guiding stars Natural history presenters, top guides, writers, photographers, artists and tour operators share their top tips

• Essentials How to plan a wildlife trip, from choosing an operator to packing the right gear and staying healthy

• Encounters Mini guides on safaris, wildlife cruises, conservation holidays, wilderness trips, snorkellingand watching primates, bears and whales

• Destinations Discover the world’s wildlife travel hotspots, the pick of the national parks and the best camps and lodges in Wild nights out


"Wider-ranging than a blue whale and more densely packed than a butterfly migration, this new tome by William Gray is the definitive manual for wildlife-loving travellers. Encyclopaedic." Wanderlust Magazine


"Very impressive! Lustrously illustrated and great info."

Simon King, Wildlife Film Maker and TV Presenter


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