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Zebras in Makgadikgadi National Park, Botswana, by William Gray


I've visited Botswana several times, but only once on a self-drive. These images are from an unforgettable road trip we made from Tuli in the southeast, across the fringes of the Kalahari to the watery wilderness of the Okavango.

Botswana is simply a mind-blowing destination. The Okavango Delta and its pricey safari camps might spring to mind, but there's so much more to this vast landlocked country. Broaden your horizons (and they don't get much bigger or unblemished than in Botswana) and you will find landscapes ranging from mesmerising salt pans (the remains of prehistoric lakes) and ancient sandstone gorges to seasonal river valleys and mysterious groves of leather-skinned baobabs.

Of course you'll want to photograph the wildlife – especially in hotspots like the Okavango Delta. But spare a thought – and a space on your itinerary – for lesser-known highlights like Tuli Game Reserve, where arid sandstone hills contrast with the verdant ribbon of the Limpopo. Or Makgadikgadi National Park, where Kubu Island sprouts from a gigantic salt pan with a surreal flourish of ancient baobabs. Photographers should also make a bee-line for Khama Rhino Sanctuary where you can drive yourself around the wildlife reserve and wait for the optimum light to photograph white rhino. Don't overlook the small wonders either – Botswana's 'small five' includes the elephant-nose shrew, featured in the gallery here.

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