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Cornwall by William Gray


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Patchwork fields, beech woods, water meadows and old stone cottages epitomise this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the heart of England

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I've lived in the Cotswolds for over 20 years, photographing its beautiful and surprisingly diverse scenery throughout the seasons. On this full-day workshop, I'll share with you some of my favourite, often little-known, locations for photography, picking the ones that not only suit the time of year, but also offer you the very best opportunities to develop and improve your camera skills.


• Depending on the weather and time of year, we might start by photographing sunrise over a mist-covered water meadow.

• We'll explore the craft of landscape photography, using dramatic beech woods, rolling countryside or iconic Cotswolds landmarks to master composition and viewpoint.

• If you're interested in wildlife or macro photography, we'll visit a nature reserve to photograph orchids or butterflies.

• You can customise your day with optional add-ons, below.

Why this trip?

• With a full day to spend on photography, we'll be out from dawn to dusk, making the most of the best conditions and learning about the changing qualities of light.

• A full day also gives us time to photograph in more than one location, allowing you to practise a range of techniques.

• If you're a beginner, there will be plenty of time to demystify your camera and become confident with its various settings.

• I'll provide instant feedback on your images throughout the day, and can also include a Lightroom demonstration.


When you reserve this workshop using the form below, I'll also ask you what you hope to gain from the day, what areas of photography you're keen to focus on, and whether there are any particular subjects you would like to tackle, such as close-ups, abstracts, wildlife etc. Using this information, I'll put together a bespoke itinerary for you, including details of where and when we'll meet and what time the workshop will end. Where possible, I like to make these full-day workshops run from dawn to dusk, but this can mean an extremely long day during summer! We can discuss how long you want to be out once you've reserved your place. I look forward to hearing from you.

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