Andy Rouse: Top 5 Wildlife Destinations

Professional wildlife photographer with a passion for conservation, Andy Rouse reveals his top 5 places in the world – plus the one wildlife spectacle he rates above all others.

“If you only ever see one wildlife spectacle in the world, go and see the annual wildebeest migration as it crosses the Talek and Mara Rivers in the Masai Mara. Thousands of wildebeest make the long trek from Tanzania, forming huge lines which can be seen from space. As they reach these two mighty rivers they start to bunch up until the plains are literally alive with the sights, sounds and smell of wildebeest. The river crossings are incredible to watch as thousands upon thousands of wildebeest leap into the swirling waters and try to evade the waiting jaws of huge Nile crocodiles. Get there in September to guarantee a decent crossing.”

1. Svalbard

One of the most beautiful places on earth – and superb for polar bear sightings.

2. Rwanda

An encounter with mountain gorillas strikes right to your heart. There is nothing quite like watching a playful youngster in its mother’s arms, under the watchful gaze of the powerful yet gentle silverback.

3. Alaska

Rugged and wild, Alaska is home to so much cool wildlife. I always go there for my grizzly bear experiences, but Alaska is also a great place for whales, moose and wolves – all surrounded by incredible scenery.

4. Galápagos Islands

Galápagos wildlife is unique and completely unafraid of tourists. For me, the real reward is below the waves, snorkelling with turtles, fur seals and penguins.

5. Bosque del Apache, New

Mexico, USA Every year the migration of the snow geese ends at Bosque del Apache in New Mexico. Seeing these beautiful white birds erupt into crystal clear blue skies in their thousands is one of nature’s most awesome spectacles – and an unexpected treat.