Photography Talks

An experienced speaker, I was a presenter on the 2006 series of the BBC's Holiday programme and recorded a series of family travel diaries for BBC Radio Oxford. I've given talks on wildlife, travel and photography to a variety of audiences, from local camera clubs to the Destinations Travel Show. Please take a look at the talks that I currently offer – I hope you'll find one or two of them of interest. Please contact me using the form below and I'll get straight back to you to discuss arrangements.


I've been obsessed with photography for as long as I can remember. For me, like many photographers, it's all about the light. And light in all its amazing forms is the subject of this photography-themed talk. I'll cover everything from chasing the aurora borealis across Svalbard, Lapland and Iceland to photographing gorillas in the mists of Rwanda's Virunga Mountains. Combining exciting travel destinations with practical tips on photography, my Light in the Wild talk is aimed at anyone with an interest in travel or taking pictures – no matter what their experience. Join me on a dawn-to-dusk shoot in the Serengeti, grapple with challenging light in the Galapagos Islands and roam the Cornish coast in search of moody seascapes. From silhouettes to long exposures, golden-hour moments to astrophotography, I look forward to shining a light on a wide range of photographic challenges. 

Talk length: approximately 1hr + Q&As + camera set-up demonstration


Researching my book, Wildlife Travel (published by Footprint in 2011), I spent over 25 years tracking down the world's best wildlife experiences. My travels took me from the High Arctic in search of polar bears to the Serengeti on the trail of the Great Migration. In this talk, join me on the ultimate global safari. I'll share some of my most memorable wildlife encounters (including the times when not everything went quite to plan) and take you to some of the world's last remaining wildernesses. From bear watching in Alaska and tiger tracking in India to kiwi spotting in New Zealand and cruising the Galapagos Islands, hopefully you'll be inspired to take a trip on the wild side.

Talk length: approximately 1hr + Q&As


Take your kids travelling! Take them now! Children grow up fast and you'll never find a better, more rewarding opportunity to enrich their lives, minds and souls – or yours – than during a family holiday. From bucket-and-spade to epic escapade, family holidays create memories that will live with you long after your children have grown up. From toddlers to teenagers, we've taken our twins (now 17) on adventures all over the world. This talk is packed with inspiration, advice and ideas – whether you want to take your children on an African safari, a husky sledding adventure in Lapland or a motorhome odyssey in New Zealand. 

Talk length: approximately 1hr + Q&As