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Travel writing

                  Based in the          
                  Cotswolds, I've been writing about wildlife and travel for my entire working life. My travels have taken me all over the world (but my bucket list never seems to get any smaller!). You can find out more below, including my latest books and some examples of travel features. There's also lots more on my blog! 

I've been a travel writer for around 30 years. It's been an interesting journey! And I don't just mean the 80-odd countries that I've been lucky enough to visit. My twins (now 23) have helped me get to know every aspect of family travel, while my passion for wildlife and wild places continues to inspire me to track down the world's natural spectacles. 


Perhaps the bumpiest, most exciting ride, though, has been keeping pace with the ever-changing world of media. From old-school travel journo to new-age digital nomad – no-one can pretend it's been easy! But let's face it: at the end of the day it's still all about the words... Words that create a sense of place. Words that bring those places to life. Words that transport readers there.


So, if you're looking for inspirational content for your new brochure or website, an eye-catching blog tingling with firsthand experience, or some sharply-written, authoritative content on family or wildlife travel from a well-respected expert, I'd be delighted to discuss your ideas.  

Brilliantly descriptive. Lovely turn of phrase, well structured and evocative and compels you to read until the end



My first book, Coral Reefs & Islands was published in 1993 when I was 24. It's a bit hard to find nowadays (!), but I'll always be grateful for the opportunity to write about a subject so close to my heart. The book was also a springboard to writing other titles, including several guidebooks for Footprint. I've recently finished a book for Bradt, which combines my two passions: wildlife travel and family travel. See below for more details.


Exciting travel does not automatically make exciting reading. I've always believed that writing effective and inspiring travel copy is as much about delving into the realms of vocabulary and grammar as it is about exploring landscapes, wildlife and culture. I think you have to love the written word. Below, you will find a small selection of features published in newspapers, magazines and websites that give a flavour of the kind of travel writing that I specialise in. Scroll through the gallery and click on the covers to read each feature in full. For a more comprehensive portfolio of my travel writing articles, please sign up to my blog.


There are lots of writers out there. And content providers, bloggers and influencers too. I don't claim to have a gazillion Instagram or Twitter followers (just a modest 1,200 or so for each), but I can offer you my 30+ years experience as a travel writer, photographer and editor. Most of all, however, I can offer you high-quality writing – the kind of writing, I hope, that could give your website some sparkle, or lift your brochure out of the ordinary.​

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