Exciting travel does not automatically make exciting reading. I've always believed that writing effective and inspiring travel copy is as much about delving into the realms of vocabulary and grammar as it is about exploring landscapes, wildlife and culture. I think you have to love the written word. Please see below for some examples of my published work, from newspapers and magazines to guidebooks, brochures and blogs.


I've travelled extensively in East and Southern Africa, but I'm equally inspired by wildlife-rich islands and wilderness areas – from Alaska to Antarctica. My other specialist destinations include Iceland, Cornwall, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


From nappy-bound tots to iPhone-toting teens, my kids (twins, Joe and Ellie) have travelled all over the world with me, researching hundreds of articles, as well as the award-winning Footprint guidebook Travel with Kids. Our latest adventure was California.


With my background in zoology, I've spent my life seeking out the world's best wildlife experiences. My 2011 guidebook, Wildlife Travel, was described by Wanderlust magazine as the 'definitive manual for wildlife-loving travellers'.

Thank you for visiting  the travel writing section of my website. I've been a travel writer for around 30 years. It's been an interesting journey! And I don't just mean the 70-odd countries that I've been lucky enough to visit. My globetrotting twins (now 18) have helped me become an expert in family travel, while my passion for wildlife continues to inspire me to track down the world's natural spectacles. 


Perhaps the bumpiest, most exciting ride, though, has been keeping pace with the ever-changing world of media. Old-school travel journo to new-age digital nomad – no-one can pretend it's been easy! But let's face it: at the end of the day it's still all about the words. 


Words that create a sense of place. Words that bring those places to life. Words that transport readers there.


And that's where I can help you. Whether you're looking for inspirational content for your new brochure or website, an eye-catching blog tingling with firsthand experience, or some sharply-written, authoritative content on family or wildlife travel from a well-respected expert, I'd be delighted to discuss your ideas.  



Please browse the gallery below to find out about some of the books I've written on subjects ranging from family travel, and wildlife travel to coral reefs and the northern lights.



Below, you will find a small selection of features published in newspapers, magazines and websites that give a flavour of the kind of travel writing that I specialise in. For a more comprehensive portfolio of my travel writing articles, please click the link.

Destination Feature


The water’s surface was smooth and flawless, like green satin unfurled beneath the riverside trees. The first thing that struck me was how small the platypuses were – just 30 or 40cm in length. At first glance it looked like someone had chucked a pair of old brown slippers into the river.

Family Travel Feature


Descending from the Ghats onto the dusty plains of Tamil Nadu, we lurched into the city amid a maelstrom of fumes and horn blasts, black and yellow tuk-tuks swarming around us like angry bees. Our hotel provided momentary refuge before we set out, on foot, to Minakshi Temple.

Accommodation Review


There’s nothing rustic about Rusty. Forced to share a field with a couple of blousy safari tents, he’s the non-conformist, heavy metal sibling at Chymder Farm near Mullion. Half tin, half tent, the converted shipping container hunkers down in the grass beneath a rakish canvas awning.

Wildlife Feature


Your gaze is never still during a game drive in South Luangwa. Eyes dart from one ebony tree to the next, flitting through the twists and turns of old river channels and probing every shadowy bushwillow thicket. There are leopards out there – probably in higher densities than anywhere in Africa... 

Destination Spotlight


A bright green pyramid rising above a black desert, Maelifell adds a psychedelic splash to Iceland’s austere volcanic interior. Cloaked in lime-coloured moss, the volcano stands just 200m above plains of basalt gravel – a luminescent pimple on the charred hide of Iceland’s southwest Highlands. 

Family Holiday Review


There’s enough lycra on this island to stretch to the moon and back. Everywhere you look, densely-packed pelotons of hardcore road racers clad in dazzling, skin-tight all-in-one bodysuits are zipping past, their leg muscles writhing like mating pythons.

Travel Inspiration Book


Sitting under the whispering casuarina trees in the dunes above Shark Bay, I lingered after dusk. The noddies were there, as always, flying in close pairs as they skipped across the reef flat. Then other birds appeared amongst them, soaring and pirouetting through the smouldering embers of sunset. 

Lifestyle Feature


It’s the latest buzzword, but what does ‘mindfulness’ actually mean in the context of a safari holiday? William Gray explores the mental benefits of connecting with nature, and suggests a new approach to adapting this on safari.


“William Gray yanks us out of our living rooms and drops us in the middle of a tiger safari, presenting wonderfully rendered sensual details that root us in the scene making us accomplices in the effort to decipher the jungle’s clues.”


“Brilliantly descriptive. Lovely turn of phrase, well structured and evocative and compels you to read until the end.”


"One of those rare finds: a practical guide as well as an entertaining read."