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Australia Portfolio

Humpback whales in Hervey Bay by photographer William Gray

Queensland is one of my favourite destinations – the photographic potential is superb. Combining reef and rainforest, you can train your camera on anything from coral islands to rare palm forests.

The 15 images below are taken from the last couple of trips I made to Queensland. The first was a family adventure, self-driving from Brisbane north along the coast before looping back inland via the spectacular national parks of Eungella and Carnarvon (a fantastic road trip that I'd highly recommend!). The second trip focussed on the Great Barrier Reef around Cairns and Lizard Island, investigating the impact of climate change and bleaching on this highly threatened ecosystem.

If I could pick just a few highlights from a photographic point of view, they would be Heron Island (a coral cay you can walk around in half an hour, but teeming with bird life and surrounded by an amazing reef system), Hervey Bay (an essential destination for a whale watching boat trip) and Carnarvon Gorge National Park (for spectacular scenery, indigenous Aussie wildlife and a fascinating insight into Aboriginal rock art).

Viewpoint plays a key part in several of these images – many of them showing the advantages of getting high or low to improve composition and impact.

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